I want to use the Self Assessment for my clients - is that allowed?

You'd be surprised to know how many independent consultants use The Art of Service's products as part of their consulting services. Ever since we started selling our consultancy products in 2002 we have had a global loyal consultant client base.

We have even jokingly been named "the secret sauce behind many successful consultant' by a number of our customers.

That's a roundabout way of answering your question with: Yes, you are allowed to utilise these consultancy resources for your clients.

While we appreciate and prefer you mention the source of your information, all our products are unbranded and white-labeled so you can easily use them as part of your service delivery. This is the major value of our products - we have done the leg work so you can reap the benefits! No need to reinvent the wheel, just get some of our consultancy resources or toolkits and you'll hit the ground running.

The only thing we don't allow you to do is to sell the products "as is" to your clients or online as if it was your own product; it needs to be part of your unique service delivery. (look at it as the raw material that goes into making something amazing!)

If you have a need for a number of our Self Assessments, or would like to use the books as part of a workshop you deliver to your clients, make sure you contact us for volume discounts and affiliate options. We are always open to ways in which we can create a win-win scenario with our customers.

And as always - contact us for more information or to discuss any of your queries and opportunities. 

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