Not sure how to get the most from the workshop - what should be the focus?

The Standard Requirements Self Assessment can be used by a single person as a stand alone assessment. Many people do this to have a quick overview of their current situation before proposing a project idea to the stakeholders or project board.

A different way to approach the self assessments is to use them as an awareness and education tool by inviting a group of team members to the Self Assessment workshop.

This workshop will take a minimum of 4 hours. During the workshop you present the past-present and future as you view it for the Self Assessment subject ( for example: DevOps, Agile Project Management or Cyber Security Risk Management).

Try to engage the participants in discussions and share their experience and educated opinions in relation to the subject. Make sure you keep a list of the topics discussed and a Who-What-When list in case there are tasks, activities or goals mentioned in passing. It's important you create a practical and action driven workshop that starts the momentum for process improvement and implementation.

You get the best results when you split the group up on smaller groups with 5+ participants in each group. I usually just do a split based on participant numbers, but you can choose to have the groups based on the team where they work, or the location where they work. Each group will give you different outcomes and the results will give you wonderful insights into the knowledge and awareness across the organisation.

After some guided instruction on how to fill in the spreadsheets the groups work independently on their laptops. After that you discuss the results and how this will flow into your improvement and implementation project.

It's a fun and very educational day for all participants.

Unsure about how to use the Self Assessment in your specific situation?

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