Using the Self Assessment Results to present to your Management Team

How do I present the Self Assessment results to my management team?

Standard Requirements Self Assessments are a powerful tool to use in your business. They will help create understanding and awareness around the maturity levels of the organisation for the chosen topic. You can also use the process as a team building and communication program to make sure everybody on the team is on the same page.

From our experience running the Self Assessment workshops, this is a powerful way to create conversation and dialog between teams and departments that are stakeholders in the topic.

With this in mind, it is important to choose the correct people to participate in a Self Assessment workshop. When you have the right people in the room it will be a lot easier to disseminate the results and communicate the required follow up steps for improvement throughout the organisation.

However, we also understand that sometimes it is very difficult (dare I say: impossible?) to get everybody in the room that should be there... if you can't have the preferred team members you can always go with the 2nd tier of employees for the assessment workshop. However, if you choose to do this, you will need to present the findings, results and recommendations to the management team for buy in and ongoing commitment. (For more information on how to plan a Self Assessment workshop, read this article )

If this is where you're stuck, check the tabs in the Self Assessment Spreadsheet. You will find that the Self Assessment helps you by providing you with the data, but also graphs and RACI diagrams to share with your Management Team. (For more information on how to read the charts - check this article )

The RACI diagram becomes the skeleton of your presentation: this is the meat you want to present to your Management Team. They will need to know what the top 3 activities are that came out of the collective intelligence in the room. Each item on the RACI chart has been identified as being able to bring the most benefits once implemented.

And of course - reach out to us when you need a hand with the interpretation of the results. We can also help you with the workshop facilitation and briefing your management team on the results and our recommendations.

Feel free to contact us for additional support and to answer any of your questions.

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