How old is the information in the Self Assessment Toolkits?

Are the Self Assessment current and up to date?

When you’re ready to perform a Standard Requirements Self Assessment, you want to make sure that the questions you use are current and up to date. Nothing worse than looking at outdated information for benchmarking purposes.

To be honest this wouldn’t be a major issue for the process driven and methodology based Standard Requirements, but when you’re talking about specific projects or products it is very important that you’re working with the most current information.

For example, the Cyber Security Risk Management will have a number of questions that will stand the test of time, but the more specific questions need to be updated on a regular basis to make sure you’re testing for the latest Cyber Security Standard Requirements. There will be new requirements popping up all the time and we don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to benchmark your company against the latest requirements.

That’s why we’ve created a 6-monthly automatic updating service. 

Every client who purchases a Self Assessment Guide automatically receives an email every 6 months with a new download link for the updated questionnaire. That way you’re never working with outdated information. This service completely free of charge as a service to our customers. It does mean you will need to update your contact information so we can get in touch with you with the new version every 6 months.

One word of caution though… if you use the Self Assessments to gauge a measure of improvement over a period of time, we recommend you use the same questionnaire for each assessment. When you change the questionnaires each time you won’t be able to do an honest comparison.

Want to know more about the automatic updates? Email us or fill out the contact us form on the website.

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