Will the Self Assessments work for me?

The Standard Requirements Self Assessments are used to support the implementation of improved processes in government and private organisations. Both commercial and not-for-profit companies benefit from these Self Assessments.

Looking through our client list, the type of industries that utilise the Self Assessments range from Banking & Finance, Travel & Transport to Churches and Charitable organisations. And geography isn’t a barrier either – our clients are from many different countries (including, but not limited to, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Australia) as long as the clients can work with the English language Self Assessments. That’s the benefit of being able to purchase the Self Assessments as digital downloads from our online store, or from your favourite local or online bookstore.

Will the Self Assessment Guides work for me?

The reason why these Self Assessments are so versatile is because it doesn’t really matter what type of business you are, every company needs to be serious about understanding where they are making progress in their improvement projects.

Each Self Assessment includes a questionnaire with generic process management related questions, as well as topic specific questions to fully comprehend the level of maturity you currently operate at for that specific topic / method / product / standard.

The Self Assessments are used as a benchmark exercise at the start of an implementation project to be able to measure implementation successes.

You can also use the Self Assessments as part of an awareness building exercise as part of your due diligence and feasibility study prior to engaging in a project.

The value you’re getting from using the Self Assessment Guides is that you get a clear understanding of the gaps in the processes, but also the gaps in knowledge, understanding and communication between teams or departments.

So check them out in our store, I’m sure you can find a topic that is high on your priority list at the moment: store.theartofservice.com/self-assessments/

Questions? Want to have a more in depth conversation about the Self Assessments and how they fit in your specific scenario? Don’t hesitate and contact us now to book a phone call or appointment to discuss this further.

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