How to use the Standard Requirements Self Assessments successfully

How to use the Standard Requirements Self Assessments successfully

You’re reading the customer reviews – you do your research because you want to make sure you are purchasing the best product for your situation. Eventually you realise that you want to perform a benchmark exercise for the business and to do that you need to have the Standard Requirements Self Assessment Guide.

And just when that thought leaves your mind, the next thought enters: When you think about a Self Assessment Guide, you wonder how to use the Self Assessment Guide successfully. You want to make sure you look like you know what you’re talking about. And above all, you want to come out of this exercise with tangible results that can be implemented and measured.

After all – the reason why you want this is to achieve some results for the business… Either through a better understanding of the company’s needs, or through more clarity around the tasks and activities that need to be done to ensure a more mature approach to the topic.

To achieve this, it’s important to understand the philosophy and strategy behind the Standard Requirements Self Assessments…

Unless you are talking a one-time, single-use project within a business, there should be a process. Whether that process is managed and implemented by humans, AI, or a combination of the two, it needs to be designed by someone with a complex enough perspective to ask the right questions. Someone capable of asking the right questions and step back and say, ‘What are we really trying to accomplish here? And is there a different way to look at it?’

Not everybody has the time or skill set to come up with these questions, which is why we have done the work for you. The Self Assessment Guides give you a set of questions that will give you a head-start with your assessment work. They help you to gain clarity of the specific items you need to work on.

Are these questions the perfect set for every situation? Probably not – for some businesses, absolutely but for some companies there may be questions in the Self Assessment that don’t make sense. And that’s fine too. (You can just skip the questions that don’t make sense in your specific situation).

You can be successful with the implementation of improvement activities by starting the Self Assessment process with answering just those questions that make sense to you and your business. That’s going to give you focus, structure, and a much better understanding of where you are positioned right now.

The second important thing to understand about the Self Assessments is that the result is not an average of what everybody is thinking. It is not about reaching a consensus. It’s about uncovering the knowledge that is hidden within the individuals in the company. The participants answer the questions with “In my opinion/belief the answer to this question is clearly defined”. It’s black & white, it’s hot or cold but it can’t be both.

Want us to help you out with getting the most from your Standard Requirement Self Assessments? Reach out to discuss your needs and requirements. We would love to help you achieve the clarity and results that you want to see.

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