You've done the assessment - what's next?

You've taken the first steps and asked your team members to complete the Self Assessment. 

What do you do next?

The Self Assessment spreadsheet gives you the assessment results in a number format as well as a graphic representation and RACI diagram.

Use the tabs in the spreadsheet to move to the various areas that you wish to analyse:

If however, you are unsure on how to interpret the data - or are questioning your analysis of the results, our team at The Art of Service is here to help.

We offer a 5-day consultancy service that does exactly that:

Would you like some help?

After you complete the Self Assessment, you may find yourself wondering what these results mean for your business.

We can help you with the next steps and guide you in your improvement projects.

Our experts will analyze your Self Assessment Results and develop an implementation strategy that provides clear recommendations on the most effective and efficient way to improve the maturity and process congruency across the different parts of the business.

With the Strategic Execution Plan you will achieve the following:

Be more Effective
Use the personalized recommendations to gain better traction in your implementation projects.
Maximize your Investment
Identify the high value resources in your organization who can help with the implementation.
Understand your possibilities
Using the 1-hour coaching meeting to fully understand the opportunities for improvements.

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