Subscription or Membership?

At The Art of Service we offer two different services to our clients that are interested in the Self Assessment Guides and Toolkits.

1. Self Assessment Toolkit Subscription

This monthly subscription is a way to receive a number of featured toolkits each month. It really is the most economical way to have access to a wide range of toolkit topics. This subscription is perfect for consultants and executives who need access to a broad range of topics.

It depends on your subscription level how many toolkits you have access to. (Bronze = 3 credits Silver= 10 credits  Gold = 15 credits).

For more information on what is included in the levels, and to sign up go to this page:

2. The Art of Service Membership

For clients who prefer more control on the toolkits they receive, you have the opportunity to become a The Art of Service Member. For an annual fee of US$125 you get 60% discount on all toolkits you purchase for the next 12 months.

The benefit of this membership is that you can cherry pick the topics that you prefer and you're not depending on what our team select as featured toolkits.

To sign up as a member, go to this order form:

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