What do I get each month?

Once you sign up for the Toolkits Unlimited membership you receive a personal access link to a drop box folder.

Every month there is a new group of featured toolkits that you have access to - and yes, you can download them on demand during the month. 

At the end of the month, the link expires and the toolkits are removed from the folder to make way for fresh and new toolkits.

The amount of toolkits you receive depends of the level you subscribed to: https://theartofservice.com/the-art-of-service-toolkit-subscriptions 

The October 2018 Featured Toolkits
The annual subscription gives you 12 months of featured toolkits - we can not guarantee that all toolkits in the catalogue will feature during those 12 months, but if there is anything specific you are looking for, you can request them to be added in next months' edition. (Gold members only)

To sign up for the Toolkits Unlimited Membership, CLICK HERE

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