I work for a university - can I give the resources to all our students?

Question about the online documents and resources that are part of the Standard Requirements Self Assessment Toolkit:

Are these included resources available to all students that utilize this text? Is there any sort of verification that the student would need to go through in order to request these resources?


The Self Assessment Guide is a book that comes with a series of Excel Spreadsheets to bring the assessment experience to groups and teams and to collate all data into a dashboard that can be presented to the management team and stakeholders.
Now - with this in mind we have given the digital tools as a free add on to the physical book to our clients as they either work internally in companies or are hired as a consultant to perform assessment activities.

To be frank, we didn't anticipate these digital resources to be freely available on the university servers. While we are excited to have our products in front of new professionals, the scope of your question is not something we have considered as of yet.

When our enterprise clients ask for unlimited access to our materials we negotiate an annual license fee that gives them the opportunity to share the information to all their staff so it is available to them without any restrictions.
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